Daily Archives: July 7, 2016

Arpiar Saunders receives a Helen Hay Whitney Fellowship.

Arpy Saunders has received a three-year post-doctoral fellowship from the Helen Hay Whitney Foundation (HHW), marking another step on his scientific journey that started in a cabin in the New Hampshire woods. Having grown up there, it is no surprise that, before coming to our lab, he studied outdoorsy science such as bird behavior in Alaska and the genetics of wildflowers in Montana. Yet, he has a strong interest in language as well: he knows German and Armenian, studied quantitative linguistic phylogenetics at the Max Planck Institute, and taught English to children on a Micronesian island (though he may have been referring to the day our coffee machine broke and the entire lab resorted to grunting at each other). Read More

Matt Baum publishes his book, ‘The Neuroethics of Biomarkers’.

Matt Baum (a student in the lab) has written a book, published by Oxford University Press and available through Amazon, on the challenges and controversies involved in using disease biomarkers to evaluate patients, judge criminals, and make moral decisions. The book shines in its plethora of practical, thought-provoking examples and hypotheticals. In an example that highlights how our intuition of blame can shift, the reader is told of an imaginary woman who loses control of a truck and injures two pedestrians. The readers are asked how much they would blame the woman for losing control if (a) she had been driving recklessly, (b) she had an unexpected seizure, (c) she knew she had epilepsy but still decided to drive, or (d) she had biomarkers indicating she was at high risk for her first seizure but had ignored them. Read More